Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A good job

I would like talking about a job that haven´t relation with Geography. Only, because talking about a job like geographer is a topic difficult for me in this time.

Always I think that a good job for me have that to be relational with the sea. Since that I was a child I liked the sea, always I liked swim during hours without stop in the beach and go past all time possible in it. Since that I was a child I liked the sea, always I liked swim during hours without stop in the beach and go past all time possible in it. I believe that my adiction and madness for the sea come of my earliest relation with this element.

For all this, I think that an ideal job for me can to be like fisherwoman. I would like have a fleet of launches, for to leave solid land and go out to sail for all coasts of the south of country. Also I would like to stay in the swell for several hours, and to fish differents species of the fish and mollusk. Part of my fleet would stay in rent, for other workers.

I meet person that working like fishermans , I have a uncle and cousin that are fishermans, but they never wanted to take with them when they go fishing, for a things of tradition.

Playing with time

I'm no fan of any character or famous, and less historical! at school I hated history. But as the teacher wants to write about it, I started thinking and I concluded that I would meet three people.

The first is Charles Darwin. I think it would be a very interesting, because we would talk about entertaining topics for both. Topics on the evolution of species and natural selection, I would love to explain his theories, and I tell you all about your trip on the Beagle.

The second historical figure, I'd like to know is Charles Chaplin (Charles is a very special name). I would like to talk with him on the seventh art; I would like to know what is the reason why he dedicated his life to silent films. I also felt he would ask him when his movies were censored, and felt to be exiled. I also felt he would ask him when his movies were censored, and felt to be exiled. I would like to talk about my opinion of his movies, especially my opinion on "The Great Dictator", and after a while talking, ask him if he thinks I would be good for one of his movies.

Finally, I'd like to meet Paulo Coelho. This meeting is possible for me; I have only to wait for him to come to Chile. If I find him, I would like to talk about the different themes of his books, for example about dreams, destiny, symbols, magic and religion. I'd love to talk about life, and tell that I agree, some things with your thinking. I also ask for advice to be a good writer

I want a time machine and teleportation machine!

Fiestas Patrias

I do not know if it's my bad memory or because in my childhood there was not a fiestas patrias with a particular element to remember.
When I was a child, all the fiestas patrias were equal. For September 18 in my house, we cooked “empanadas”, all family members involved. It was great fun filling the “empanadas” with black olives and hard boiled eggs. Sometimes we cooked the “empanadas” in the house of my grandmother (my dad's mom). In this house we gathered all the family by my dad, the “navarros”. We shared with my cousins (Felipe and Diego), uncles and grandparents. In total we were twelve we cooked many pies to reach for everyone! In the table, many stories were told, that eventually were repeated. I remember what I liked sitting next to my grandfather, always at the right of he.
For the September 19, the Navarro family gathered to watch the military parade, as my grandfather was an airman, we had to see it. See the military parade was for me, more than a tradition, it was almost an obligation. I liked seeing the planes on TV, because I always saw them practice, because we live near the flight school. My mom always hoped to see the sailors, he loved! I think it was because they had nice clothes and good physique. Those family gatherings were nice, especially when my grandfather was alive.

The way I feel now the fiestas patrias is different. I think I now understand the real sense that the parties have. At least now I know that is celebrated xD.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Santiago not always is Santiasco

In this great city, the national capital, the most populous of the country, there are many things to do and many places to visit! In Santiago you can do various activities such as the city's largest tourist services are broad and diverse. As a tourist you can visit museums and palaces, parks and plazas, churches and historic buildings. Visit restaurants where you will find typical food and foreign, many pubs and discos with music of different styles.

Although I do not know many places in this giant city, and I'm not a good tourist guide, these are the places that I would recommend to a tourist:

- Plaza Concha y Toro: This is a beautiful place with lots of magic where you can enjoy a good time with your partner. It's a very romantic square.

-Cerro San Cristobal: typical place that every tourist must visit. Viewpoints, palaces, parks, ecology, history and religion in one place.

-Barrio Lastarria: A bohemian place to enjoy with friends a good coffee, good books and good conversation.

-Plaza de Armas de Santiago: A place full of history, architecture, culture and art. Its surroundings are part of the tradition and development of this country.

-Barrio Bellavista: Neighborhood where you can find places for fun, drinking and dancing.

I'm not a fan of Santiago and sometimes I dislike this city, but I must admit it has many beautiful places, and above all an impressive variety of things to do. It is almost impossible to get bored in this city.

I like this store!

There is a shop that I like very much! It is called Casa&Ideas. My memory is bad enough to remember when was the first time you visit that store. But I remember a special occasion, the day I went with my cousin (Javier), my sister (Catiuska) and some friends to the store that is in Puerto Montt. That day was the first time we went alone to the center of town with our friends, and stroll through the mall all the stores! but in Casa&Ideas we had a good time because we found many fun objects as party hats and cushions of many colors and forms, we played and laughed a long time in the store! .

I like this store because this always has many curious, innovative, nice and cheap objects. I love the section called Niños&Ideas because I always find nice things to give away. I like this store because this always has many curious, innovative, nice and cheap objects. I love the section called Niño&Ideas because I always find nice things to give away. The last thing I bought was a soft cushion for my boyfriend; it was two years ago approximately. Lately I have not bought anything in the store because I had no money, but I have seen many things that I liked. If I had the money I'd buy many things from the store!

I think I like this store because it has a variety of decorating objects and accessories, which serve to give a special touch to the different spaces. Everything in the store can be used to create your personal stamp.

Student demonstrations

For starters, I think the student demonstrations are important because they reflect the thinking of the replacement generation. Reflect current issues, concerns and aspirations of society.
The young students have the desire to change everything around them, and enough energy to change the world. They have the need to express their concerns and problems to the world.
Demonstrations are one way that they have to express what they think and feel to society, and on many occasions to express their opinion in relation to government action.

I really like that students can express themselves with freedom. That they can make their thinking public. But I dislike censoring student demonstrations, especially when they are peaceful or express the thought of a great majority of people. Also when the events are for a good cause, or to defend something that is fair.
The most unpleasant is unjustified repression, with excessive police force, tear gas and other measures of repression.

My personal experience with the student demonstrations is short but interesting. When I was in high school, formed a national student movement to change the style of education in the country. This movement was called "Movement penguin" in this basic and university students participated. Many schools and colleges were taken by students to protest the current education system. At the end of this movement were permitted some modifications to the national education system. I have also participated in several demonstrations at the university for the same subject.

To end a phrase that I like: To love is power.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A perfect day

>> ... I am in a journey by sea , with a especial person...I feel the icy wind, my hair moves with it, the swell of the sea accompanying our actions...the sun´rays iluminate our around...the temperature is perfect...everthing in this place is in calm...
All afternoon together..we talking, laughing, playing...we enjoying being alone...in a beatiful place...eating our favourite food, swiming almost like dolphines...
At the end of the day , come to our house... getting things ready for sleep..finally smile for the big day lived... <<

This way was a perfect day for me, many things can be added, although in this story, there are only one things that can not miss... if you are you... is perfect for me...