Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Concert of Soda Stereo

I don´t remember the exact day when was the concert , but i believe that was in October at the end of the month. I went with my cousins “Luxito” and Silvana and my boyfriend. The place? Nacional stadium of Chile ( now called Julio Martinez Prádanos) , it was my first massive concert paid by my cousin Silvana for me, my boyfriend and her brother. It was a great and unforgettable day. The concert started at seven o´clock , the first was a introduction of a comedian, and then came the band. It was a important concert because was the last concert of Soda Stereo in Chile, the integrants had got together for this last concert.
I decided to go because was a gift of my cousin, and because I liked the band , although I didn´t know many songs of them, nor I was your fans. Also because was an important fact that was the last concert of Soda Stereo in Chile, because them is a recognized band.

I enjoyed very much the concert!! It was a great experience, because I was sharing with some of the people I love most , in a great place with good music. Also because had a good atmosphere , people singing and enjoying with the band, good acoustic and a fabulous play of lights.

I remember a thing very funny....my cousin Luxito singing alone a song called “En remolinos” , he was the only that knew the song , all stadium in silence but he singing with all her heart jajajaja, was very comical.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Hello classmates !!

I will like to learn Flamenco . Flamenco is a spanish genre of music and dance, that has its origin in Andalusia. I like because is a type od dance very much intense and abstract where the improvisation have great importance, besides is an individual action that allow to express the emotions and feelings of each person.

I think that I would be good because I can to dance very well, I have very much rithm and coordination.