Thursday, April 29, 2010

My favorite free activity is dance. I enjoy dancing and watching dance pieces on television or in theaters. I like all styles, but I love the rhythm of salsa and Spanish music.

I think I always loved dancing since I was a girl! when I was in school and high school always participated in the workshops of dance, and always struggled to inscrbirme them.

For the free time I have, I can not go dancing with my friends to places like discos, but in my house, often dance alone or with my sister.

I like her dance because people can express different things, especially emotions. Also through the dance people can feel free, and because for me is a form of relaxation.

>> I dislike to hear people say that can not dance, because you just need enthusiasm! . You do not dance bad, if when you dance express what you feel.<<

A purpose of the dance!! ... I wish you all a good day of Dance! (APRIL 29), hopefully can come out "to move the skeleton" with his friends, And why not? alone, may be a good opportunity to meet new people.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

NASA gets unprecedented images of solar activity

Amazing images were shown by Nasa's Solar Dynamics Observatory. Experts say that new images show a dynamic sun that they had never seen in more than 40 years of solar research

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Clash of the Titans

Directed by Louis Leterrier

Cast: Sam Worthington as Perseus

Liam Neeson as Zeus

Ralph Fiennes as Hades

Gemma Arterton as Io

Alexa Davalos as Andromeda

The last movie I saw was "Clash of the Titans", the last weekend.
The film tells the story of Perseus, a Greek demigod who fights against Hades (the god of the underworld) to save the city of Argos.
Perseus was the son of Zeus and a mortal woman, the wife of a king. The king ordered to kill the child and his wife. Perseus was found by a fisherman who raised him as his son.
Perseus Hares hates because he killed his family, when they accidentally saw the soldiers in the city of Argos destroyed the statue of Zeus.
Hares gives a lesson to humans of Argos, by the disrespect shown to the gods of Olympus, he asked for the blood of the princess of that city (Andromeda) for the Kraken, a sea monster he created. The only person who could save the princess and the city was Perseus, because he was a demigod. But who can beat the Kraken, it needed the head of Medusa. Perseus in search of Medusa's head, has to contend with many strange creatures! but finally he manages to save the Princess Andromeda Argos and the fury of Hades.

I loved this movie! It was very entertaining, had many good effects. The movie kept you focused.

Go see it in the cinema!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The best technology

In my opinion, the best technology in the world is the telephone! It is esencial instrument for me.
We will to learn with a soon history:

" From the moment Alexander Graham Bell yelled those famous words, "Come here Mr. Watson, I want to see you!", the business of providing telephone service was off and running. Soon after that fateful day of March 10, 1876, Bell and Watson were demonstrating the instrument.
In 1877, construction of the first regular telephone line from Boston to Somerville, Massachusetts was completed. By the end of 1880, there were 47,900 telephones in the United States. Service between New York and Chicago started in 1892, and between New York and Boston in 1894. The first switchboard was set up in Boston in 1877. On January 17, 1882, Leroy Firman received the first patent for a telephone switchboard"

Thank you Mr. Bell !!
Now, a soon of my history with the telephone :
I use the phone since I was a child, I needed to communicate with my family in Puerto Montt or with my parents when I was on vacation, but I don´t remember much about it jajaja...

I always used the telephone when I went to school. Every day I was talking with my best friend by telephone, my parents were not happy with that! jajaja...

And now, I always use the phone for talked with my boyfriend, my friends and my familiy of Pto Montt.

The phone is good because with it I can know about the people I love, and be communicated with them. I could not live happily without it.

In my opinion the phone is better than the mobile phone!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Why not forget a moment that I exist?

I'm bored
I'm tired
I'm exhausted
I collapsed
I'm stressed
And above all sad and disappointed

(a stranger is in me)

...I was not and I can not give up I continue strong...

But I, with all my heart, give me a break, a short and simple breathing, to renew my energies and continue ..
Please! for a second, forget that I exist.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chronicle of an earthquake unlived

  • 27th Feb 2010: 3.25 I was sleeping in a confortable bed in the cosy bedroom of my grandmother´s house.

  • 27th Feb 2010: 3.30 I woke up for a bad dream

  • 27th Feb 2010: 3.34 It´s an earthsquakel ! I ´m sitting in my bed and i think “it is strong, but soon it will stop”. In that moment my aunt ( that is like my other mother) tells me to go downstairs and open all the doors of the house. I do everything she asks me , while she helps my grandma walking to the door…we were there, huggins in the door and I think “it don´t stop”...

  • 27th Feb 2010: 3.40 All my family (of Puerto Montt) was in the house of my grandma, we were nervous and confused, but together and well. We all thought that the quake had been alone in the south of the country, and some thought that the volcano Chaiten had guilt.

  • 27th Feb 2010: 4.05 With my cousin went to the house of my Tia Nena to see how she was and we heard on the radio what had happened
    " An earthquake of intensity of 8.5 degrees on the Richter scale, according to preliminary estimates by the Seismological Institute of EE.UU., occurred in the central area just after 03:34 pm with the epicenter of the Bio Bio Region. In Santiago, the intensity was 8.0 degrees"
    I think "Oh no! There was an earthquake in Santiago ... I want and need to know how my family, my boyfriend, my friends!
  • 27th Feb 2010: 11.30 I had not slept, and my aunt and my grandmother also because of the shock. I do not know anything about my family, boyfriend and friends, was very worried. But the signal returned my cell phone! and I knew that all were well finally can sleep.

With the passing of the hours, the news showed all that the earthquake and subsequent tsunami had done. It was shocking to me. With the passing of the hours, the news showed all that the earthquake and subsequent tsunami had done. It was shocking to me. A part of me was happy and calm because the people I love were fine, but another part of me was sad for all the suffering that was in the country.

I think the authorities took very bad choices .. that there were many deaths and losses that could be avoided. However, nobody was prepared for what happened and now it is best to focus the energy on how to help those affected. And of course learn from mistakes.

(I did not experience an earthquake, I just felt a strong tremor )

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

After many difficulties .... My favourite song!

In this moment my favourite song is " Las Horas" of Chilean band Saiko. This song is part of the fourth album of the band called the hours (like my favorite song), that was published in the year 2004.

Saiko is a band of alternative rock and new wave, but the style of this song, according to his her composers, is more a rocker that different her songs because in the music of "Las Horas" song the battery, guitar stands out.

I do not remember when it was the first time that listens to this song! but it was a lot of time ago behind.
How often do I listen to this song? Mmm...sometimes, when i like to feel well.
Why do I like this song? Mmm...for three reasons: 1 / The song relaxes me. 2/ I think that the letter of the song is very pretty and that it has something that to see with my life. 3/ Because the song is of a Chilean group ;)


Desiertos, ríos, mar...
Esconden mi paz
Detienen el tiempo intacto
Desciendo hasta el final
Por donde empezar
Señales que digan algo
Despierto sin lograr
Soñar el lugar
Que muerda el vació de años
Viajando un día más
Espero encontrar
Un rastro que diga cuando

Las horas, los días, el tiempo, una vida
No hay nombres, no hay pistas,
Tu rastro un enigma

Los años suman más
Que la tierna edad
En la que partiste amado
Mis años sin mirar
La vida pasar
Las horas que me han faltado

Las horas, los días, el tiempo, una vida
Sin nombres, sin pistas,
Sin rastros que me digan
Las horas de tus días,
En que tiempo quitan tu vida

No hay forma que corrijan
Los momentos en que me faltaste
Y me devuelvan la vida