Monday, June 21, 2010

Chile v/s Honduras

I watched the game in my house, only with my sister and my fat cat. That morning had very much cold, my sister was sleeping, so, i had to scream low to not disturb. My mother was sleeping also, but on the second floor...we had a bad night but I had that to support our selection!

The match was very good, but we had to suffer much. The Hondurans are not very good for football but it seems that they wanted to win! They were minutes of nervousness, anxiety, crying, anger, stress, euphoria, and of course happiness. I remember the last five minutes were horrible for me, I cried so much that my sister woke up!luckily she was not angry. My neighbors also were watching the game, I heard their cries from my house, there were only three men but it sounded like a full stadium! they are very funny jajaja....

I think that all Chilean players were well during the game, all played well in their different positions. I really like Medel and Ponce in defense, Vidal for her multifunctionality on the court, Mati Fernandez (L) because he is the most beautiful and played great and finally Sanchez simply because he is extraordinarily spectacular.

I would like Chile to win the world cup, but do not know if this is possible. But as I said a very good business "nothing is impossible" , in one of these, the destination we have a big surprise.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My favourite geography subject

What is my favourite subject geography?

Is a very difficult questions of to answer for me, because are very much the subjects of the geography that I like me. In general always I have prefered the physical subjects geography as hidrology,climatology and glaciology. But I believe that of all subjects I have had my prefered is Geomorphology.
The teacher that taught us this interesting subject was the great teacher José ARAYA-VERGARA with he we had two subjects: Geomorphology and Quaternary geology. They liked me because we learned a lot about the processes that interfere with the formation and dynamics of different relief in the landscape.Also enjoy all field trips we had, we went to "La parva","Farellones","Cartagena beach", among others..we learned a lot with them, the teacher had a good methodology in field
I think they are matters that will serve us in the future, because they are the type of material considered essential for the geography, every good geographer has to learn about the relief!

Monday, June 7, 2010

A great holiday!

My best holiday was when I and my boyfriend went at fourth region of country, in the summer 2009. In that occasion we were at Serena' city , we met beatifull places of the city as the lighthouse beach, Japanese Park and the Recova market among other. Also we visited the Coquimbo ' city , because it was near,and we knew the english neighborhood and port of Coquimbo. We was for a week, the day we arrived we stayed in a hostel, but the other days were in the house of an aunt of my boyfriend, the aunt Marta! she is a great person , very nice and affectionate.
After of that week in the Serena, we went at "Punta de Choros", at north of the Serena. In where is the Humboldt Penguin National Reserve. We enjoyed very much our stay there, because we traveled dune, we met three beautiful islands, and we saw bottlenose dolphins, plus lots native fauna.
I specially remember this vacation, because was the first vacation alone with my boyfriend, and was the first time that I visited the north of the country, Was a beatifull experience, where we met many people and many great places