Monday, May 31, 2010

I like geography?

When I chose to study geography I had others options in my mind, but geography was the first. I liked geography, because this career mixing human and physical classes, for example: hydrology, climatology, biogeography and anthropology, sociology, or cultural geography. I could not decide for a career entirely natural or human, because I always liked the two branches, and geography was a career that mixed. I also liked geography because it had an "environmental story" that coincided with my way of thinking. I also liked geography because it had an "environmental accounts" which coincided with my way of thinking, and because the geography could act in aid of the environment.

I remember a cousin,that any day, he said: "You have to study geography," I said, "Are you crazy?, I do not like, wuakala!" but .. .the mouth the fish dies ...He was the only thing that helped me ,a little, to decide to study.

Sometimes I think that geography is not my career, because I feel that I haven´t the qualities that the career requires, but I like it, and I think everything can!.

Still, I do not know where to specialize, I like a lot of geography. At this moment, I prefer the integrated management in coastal areas, I think I would like to work in this area.

( Thanks for your attention / Kisses for everyone! )

A good friend

She is Paz Daniela Aravena Neumann, my best friend.

We are friends for about eight years. I met her the first day in the school, we were new students of Laura Vicuña´s School, from the first moment we had a good connection.
In the school always we made things together, sometimes I went her house and we ate ice cream or carrot with lemon. In other ocassions we saw movies, we studied together and we created songs for learned the differents subjects.
Now, we haven´t very much time for to share, because we have to study and to work. But always we search the form for see us. In general always we see us one or twice for week, or we talk for telephon or "msn". When we together, we talk about the things that happened in the week for a long time, never we lie down before at 2:00 a.m! Also in ocassion, we go out dancing with others friends.
The Pazita is a very good person, very funny, simpatic and affectionate. Always she is when I need her with words of support or with some crazy things that happy me. I think we are very good amigas because we are very alike.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pichilemu: Work, Entertainment and Learning

The Simon´s questions :

What was the most interesting part of the Field Trip?

The most interesting was to know how people lived the earthquake and tsunami of February 27. My work group studied about the risks of the zone, and we were that investigate how the persons of pichilemu reacted to the events of that day with surveys.It was a very good experience for me.

What you learnt about the subject you were studying?

I learned that some people in Pichilemu reacted good at the tsunami because they were informed about what they had to do in case of tsunami, but other the fear of blocked. We also learned that the people before what happened on February 27, they didn´t feel that was in a natural hazard zone.

Whether or not you would like to live in Pichilemu?

I would like live a time in Pichilemu while I learn to surf . But I don´t like always live in Pichilemu because is a “ gray” city.

Review and correct

Review of a Carol´s post

In this occasion I will write about an activity I enjoy doing in my free time.
This is little complicated for me, because I haven´t an (WW ) definite activity to do in my free time.
In my free time I listen to music or I watch tv series as Friends, The big bang theory, CSI between others.
Also I see things in internet, I like the facebook ADN radio because I like to be informed. I play for msn with the sister and niece of my boyfriend. I go with my boyfriend for a ride to a park or we see movies.
In my free time also I go the house of my parents and go to the house of my best friend or simply rest in my best thinking of differents things.
This activities I do often obviously not all. Normally I do in the weekend including friday. Also sometimes when arrived at the University, after take té and if I don´t have many homeworks.
Before I played volleyball, two years ago. I liked but have to leave because had a problem in the arm (epicondinitis). Also I wove crochet, I made bags and a scarft for my boyfriend but I haven´t done lately.

This are activities I do in my free time

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The blog of the Carol

The blog of the Carol have seven posts (two in March and five in April) all have an image and are very interesting. The color of the blog is very beautiful for me, because this is my favourite color. Also the combinations of the colors are very well done.
My favourite post by Carol, is called “technology” above all the introduction of this, because I don´t big fan of the technology like she. I think that in this post, she wrote of a form very entertaining and the image that she chose was very good.
In general, the posts of the Carol are simple of to understand for me, I like her blog! and always I reading her posts, I believe that everybody will like it too. I think that reading the blog´s Carol we can to know more about her life and the things that she prefers.