Monday, November 22, 2010

Big Ben

I really do not know much about England, I know nothing about its history or its people. I think one or two times in an English class when I was in school, the teacher talked about England, my only knowledge about this country appeared in that class.

A place I would like is London. Especially the historic Big Ben. Big Ben is the name known to the Great Bell of Westminster, the largest of the bells found in the Clock Tower as part of the Great Clock of Westminster Palace of Westminster. The clock is famous for always giving the correct time, even during the bombing suffered by the city of London during World War II by the German Aviation (Luftwaffe), the clock kept running and giving the time with perfect punctuality. I think it would be entertaining to hear the sound of the clock and go to the palace.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A fun game

A good memory of when I was a child are the games with my cousins. I always traveled to Puerto Montt in the summer holidays. The days that is spent I played with my cousins, different games and we enjoyed making new games.Sometimes we played in the backyard (which is near the sea), but on rainy days, we had to stay indoors.When we stayed inside the house, we had to think of something to entertain.

I remember a fun game and very good that came from "a day of closure.", it game called “ EL Festival de Viña” , we prepared the living of the my grandmother´s house for the special occasion. We had a stage with red carpet where we sang. Each cousin imitated to a different singer, but one had that to be presenter. In our festival participed national and international artist,Chayanne and Luis Miguel always were invited , also Shakira and Lucerito. With my cousin Javiera and my sister always sang the song of Entel commercial for which we had a choreography. We passed the afternoon playing, singing and dancing, it was very funny. Sometimes my uncles participed of the festival and also singing , but they did not dance, because they were ashamed.

We played that game every summer since that I have memory until when the majority had 14 years aproximately. Memories are nice, a very pretty old, I would like to return to those days.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Stone hand"

Like ever , I haven´t idea about that to write. I don´t know very much about important personages or historical figures of Chile. I´m an ignorant in chilean history, for this reason, I prefer to talk about a sport personage , very famous and talented. Maybe he isn´t the greatest Chilean of all time, but he is a great sportsman.

Fernando Gonzalez is a great tennis player , he born 29 July 1980 in Santiago of Chile. He started your career like proffesional tennis player in 1999, but he played tennis since that he was child. He is an internationally known tennis player, has participated in major global tournaments such as Grand Slam and ATP Masters Series. An important victory, widely recognized by the Chileans, it was the gold medal at the Olympic Games of 2008 in doubles with Nicolas Massu. Also is important to mention his outstanding participation in Davis Cup, he made his debut in the Davis Cup team in Chile in April 1998 with only 18 years old. He has participated in every Davis Cup series since then, being a fundamental pillar for Chile.

If I could to make a interview of Fernando Gonzalez , I would like to know more about his beginning like tennis player, and about his life like tennis player. I think that a good questions would be: How difficult is life for a professional sportsman in a country where sport is not a priority?