Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fiestas Patrias

I do not know if it's my bad memory or because in my childhood there was not a fiestas patrias with a particular element to remember.
When I was a child, all the fiestas patrias were equal. For September 18 in my house, we cooked “empanadas”, all family members involved. It was great fun filling the “empanadas” with black olives and hard boiled eggs. Sometimes we cooked the “empanadas” in the house of my grandmother (my dad's mom). In this house we gathered all the family by my dad, the “navarros”. We shared with my cousins (Felipe and Diego), uncles and grandparents. In total we were twelve we cooked many pies to reach for everyone! In the table, many stories were told, that eventually were repeated. I remember what I liked sitting next to my grandfather, always at the right of he.
For the September 19, the Navarro family gathered to watch the military parade, as my grandfather was an airman, we had to see it. See the military parade was for me, more than a tradition, it was almost an obligation. I liked seeing the planes on TV, because I always saw them practice, because we live near the flight school. My mom always hoped to see the sailors, he loved! I think it was because they had nice clothes and good physique. Those family gatherings were nice, especially when my grandfather was alive.

The way I feel now the fiestas patrias is different. I think I now understand the real sense that the parties have. At least now I know that is celebrated xD.

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