Monday, October 25, 2010

Santiago not always is Santiasco

In this great city, the national capital, the most populous of the country, there are many things to do and many places to visit! In Santiago you can do various activities such as the city's largest tourist services are broad and diverse. As a tourist you can visit museums and palaces, parks and plazas, churches and historic buildings. Visit restaurants where you will find typical food and foreign, many pubs and discos with music of different styles.

Although I do not know many places in this giant city, and I'm not a good tourist guide, these are the places that I would recommend to a tourist:

- Plaza Concha y Toro: This is a beautiful place with lots of magic where you can enjoy a good time with your partner. It's a very romantic square.

-Cerro San Cristobal: typical place that every tourist must visit. Viewpoints, palaces, parks, ecology, history and religion in one place.

-Barrio Lastarria: A bohemian place to enjoy with friends a good coffee, good books and good conversation.

-Plaza de Armas de Santiago: A place full of history, architecture, culture and art. Its surroundings are part of the tradition and development of this country.

-Barrio Bellavista: Neighborhood where you can find places for fun, drinking and dancing.

I'm not a fan of Santiago and sometimes I dislike this city, but I must admit it has many beautiful places, and above all an impressive variety of things to do. It is almost impossible to get bored in this city.

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