Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Stone hand"

Like ever , I haven´t idea about that to write. I don´t know very much about important personages or historical figures of Chile. I´m an ignorant in chilean history, for this reason, I prefer to talk about a sport personage , very famous and talented. Maybe he isn´t the greatest Chilean of all time, but he is a great sportsman.

Fernando Gonzalez is a great tennis player , he born 29 July 1980 in Santiago of Chile. He started your career like proffesional tennis player in 1999, but he played tennis since that he was child. He is an internationally known tennis player, has participated in major global tournaments such as Grand Slam and ATP Masters Series. An important victory, widely recognized by the Chileans, it was the gold medal at the Olympic Games of 2008 in doubles with Nicolas Massu. Also is important to mention his outstanding participation in Davis Cup, he made his debut in the Davis Cup team in Chile in April 1998 with only 18 years old. He has participated in every Davis Cup series since then, being a fundamental pillar for Chile.

If I could to make a interview of Fernando Gonzalez , I would like to know more about his beginning like tennis player, and about his life like tennis player. I think that a good questions would be: How difficult is life for a professional sportsman in a country where sport is not a priority?


  1. I´m an ignorant in chilean history to !! jajqjjaaj so I wrote about quique neira! jajaj . ..

  2. I agree with you, I thing that sport should be a priority in Chile or at least to be more important for the actual politician.


  3. I just love him. I can not say anything more, becase my opinion will not be objective. JAjaja

    See you cami